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Personalized Care with your Family Doctor

With direct primary care at Moxie MD you get better access to your doctor, personalized care and lower costs to help you live a healthier life!

Meet Dr. Erin Schafer

Growing up my entire family saw one family medicine doctor for all of our health care needs. When I thought about becoming a physician, I pictured a doctor that takes care of the whole family, throughout their lifetime, both in times of illness and wellness. During medical school, I naturally gravitated to family medicine, rather than specializing, because the original picture of what a doctor was in my mind had never changed. I love taking care of whole families at every stage of life from newborn to end of life.

The most fulfilling part of being a physician for me is building relationships with my patients. I enjoy getting to know them on a level beyond just their medical needs. I like helping people and celebrating their successes, supporting their struggles and trying to make their lives a little more enjoyable if possible. Knowing patients on a more personal level allows me to provide them with better healthcare. When I know a patient’s history and personality, I can recommend treatments that are more likely to work for them. I like meeting patients where they're at on their health journey, which is unique for each person, and working on their individual goals. I believe in taking small, consistent steps to achieve better health and wellness while celebrating both small and big milestones with my patients.

​Spending time with patients over the past several years has taught me that often the tools that help patients lead healthier lives have nothing to do with medications, imaging, specialists, etc. Being able to discuss diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and social matters with patients during visits often has a bigger impact for long term physical and emotional health
. I am excited to have the time with patients to focus on preventing health problems rather than only focusing on triaging health problems once they happen. I look forward to working with patients on their personal health goals. Practicing medicine in this way feels more authentic to who I am as a person and my "why" when I decided to become a physician.

I am born and raised in Central Illinois attending Buffalo Tri-City for my K-12 education and SIU Medical School for my medical education. My family has lived and farmed in this area for multiple generations and still calls Central Illinois home. Though my education took me to other places at times, I always knew in my heart that I would return to Central Illinois to practice. I feel a responsibility to take care of the community that provided me with so much over the years. I understand this area and its people. My husband and I both look forward to raising our family in the place we grew up. When you understand not only a place, but it’s people you can really take care of them as a physician in a way that is special and personal.


What's with the name Moxie MD?

"Moxie" (noun): Possessing character, cleverness, skill, creativity and fortitude to get through any situation.
"That doctor has moxie!"

I like to practice medicine with "moxie"!  By opening my own clinic, I am excited to be the doctor I've always wanted to be, practicing medicine in a way that is more authentic to my personal principles. I want my patients to feel well cared for by a doctor they can trust practicing excellent and personalized health care. Every person and family are unique and I honor this when caring for them as their primary care provider. I look forward to working with my patients as a team to help them lead healthier lives and can't wait to meet you!

 Take the next step with Moxie MD today!

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