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Better Healthcare with Direct Primary Care

Moxie MD Direct Care Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care Clinic

With direct primary care, you get better access to your doctor, personalized care, and lower costs to help you live a healthier life.

Modern Primary Care in the Existing Setting


Busy Doctors = Poor Care

Rushed care leads to more medication, more referrals, and no time for prevention.


Barriers Between You and Your Doctor

When it's so difficult to see your doctor, you're more likely to visit urgent care or ignore a health issue completely.


Limitations to
Your Care 

Insurance companies control and limit your healthcare choices.


Unpredictable, Out of Control Costs

​With armies of administrators and record corporate profits, modern healthcare has become unaffordable.

How Direct Primary Care is Different


You pay a low monthly fee directly to your doctor and eliminate the extra costs and restrictions imposed by insurance companies. Being able to access your doctor when you need eliminates costly care. One saved ER visit can pay for months of your membership fees to Moxie MD!


Your doctor gives you comprehensive primary care with easy access, and no copays or hidden costs, making it easier to get good care. 


With better primary care, you can save your insurance for major health issues. Most patients find Direct Primary Care saves them money!


A personalized relationship and direct communication from your doctor creates better health outcomes and often cuts the cost of healthcare!


Dr. Schafer is a family doctor and was trained to handle 80-90% of outpatient concerns.

Does Dr. Schafer take care of (fill in blank) age? Does Dr. Schafer do pap smears, skin biopsies or (fill in the blank) procedures? Is Dr. Schafer trained to manage (fill in the blank) condition?  There is a high likelihood the answer is "yes".

The Direct Primary Care Difference

Dr. Schafer left corporate medicine to give her patients better care. 

Using a direct primary care model allows Dr. Schafer to get back to practicing medicine in an authentic way, focused on the patient. 


Her practice is physician owned allowing every decision made to be focused on what is best for her patients.


No more interference from insurance companies or large hospital systems. No more competing interests between what insurance companies demand and what patients need and deserve.

A Better Experience

We want you to love your healthcare!  At Moxie MD, there are no crowded waiting rooms, no long waits to see your doctor, and no aggravating billing issues - just an amazing healthcare experience centered around you. As an independent physician. Dr. Schafer's only loyalty is to the patient!

Lower Costs

By reducing administrative staff and not billing insurance, we keep our costs down, and pass the savings to you. We also help you save money by reducing unneeded ER and urgent care visits, and by focusing on preventing disease.

Fewer Medications and Referrals

Dr. Schafer has the time to discuss diet, exercise, and stress, to help you manage disease through lifestyle changes before having to reach for medication. She is an expert in primary care, and has the time and skill to work up medical issues rather than immediately referring you to a specialist because she knows you on a personal level.

More Time, Exceptional Care

Dr. Schafer sees 80% fewer patients than a typical PCP, and is board certified in family medicine. You get care you can trust from your doctor who knows you, has time for you, and is there for you on every step of your healthcare journey.

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