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For a low monthly fee, we provide comprehensive, high quality primary care for virtually no extra costs.

There is a one time registration fee of $79 per household.

Don't worry: There are no lock-in periods, if you're unhappy you are free to cancel at any time.


You can schedule a FREE 30 minute meet/greet with Dr. Schafer to ask questions and see if the practice is the right fit for you before deciding to enroll!

Included at no extra cost with membership:

30-60 minute office visits as frequent as you need
Direct messaging with your personal physician
Virtual and after hours care
In-office procedures
Most in-office diagnostic testing

Get real, wholesale pricing on the following:
     - Laboratory testing*
     - Medications
     - Pathology for PAPs/biopsies/etc*
     - Imaging (x-rays, MRIs, etc) at select imaging centers*

* You may bill your insurance for these services if you wish but wholesale pricing is for cash pay only


Better healthcare means preventing disease and keeping you healthy, not just treating you when you get sick. With longer visits and easy access to your physician, we make prevention a priority. When you are ill or have chronic health conditions we have the time and expertise to make you feel better and live a healthier life


Comprehensive Physical Exams


Urgent Care and Sick Visits


Chronic Disease and Medication Management

Longer visits (30-60 minutes) let you and your physician create a personal health plan to keep you healthy.


Women's Health

We offer a full range of services including PAPs, breast exams,  STD screening, contraceptive consultation, and more.

If you're feeling ill, call or message us for a same or next day appointment.  We're even available after hours for urgent issues.


Men's Health

We can help prevent, detect, and manage common men's health issues including heart disease, urinary and prostate disease, testicular cancer, STD's, and more.

With extended appointments, Dr Schafer can focus on improving and managing chronic diseases, often decreasing medication dependence through lifestyle changes.


Pediatric Care

Dr Schafer loves caring for infant, kids and teens! She is board certified in family medicine and an expert in pediatric services including newborn care, well child checks, immunizations, and more.



We perform many minor procedures in office at no additional cost to you, including skin tag removal, skin biopsy, joint injections, ear lavage, and more.


Diagnostic Testing

We offer in-office testing for strep, influenza, COVID-19, UTIs, and more. EKGs, spirometry, and other standard biometric screening tests are also available.  For most other lab tests, we can obtain the appropriate sample in office and send it to an outside lab.


Injury and Minor Wound Care

We treat minor wounds and injuries right in our office, including suturing if necessary.  For serious or chronic wounds, or for fractures we will need to refer you to the appropriate specialist.


Home Visits

We offer in-home newborn and infant well care visits (first year of life) and postpartum visit to members within 30 miles. Other healthcare needs that require home visit can be arranged at discretion of Dr. Schafer.

*Additional charge may apply based on mileage*


Care Coordination

We go above and beyond to help our patients get better care wherever they are in the medical system.  Whether that means your physician consulting with your specialist, talking with the ER doctor on call at the hospital, or helping you schedule imaging tests, we are here for you.


Primary Care that Meets You Where You're at!

Functionality You Will Love

Direct Messaging with your Doctor

 Send a message directly to your doctor and get a personal response from your doctor. No more call centers or speaking to multiple nurses before reaching your doctor!

Virtual and Remote Visits

Not every visit requires you to come into our office. We save you time with online video appointments from your phone or computer.

Same and Next Day Appointments

Get prompt medical care, feel better quicker, and say goodbye to expensive urgent care visits.

Access for Urgent Health Issues

Health issues don't have business hours. Text or call your doctor at night and on weekends when you need urgent advice.

Health Areas we are Unable to Care for at Moxie MD

Chronic Opiates and Benzodiazapines

We do not carry these in our offices and rarely use them. If you have a chronic pain condition we feel this is better served by a pain specialist. We offer many other treatment options for anxiety and only use benzodiazepines sparingly.


Dr. Schafer is experienced at caring for many issues related to pregnancy, however she requires expectant mothers to regularly see an OB/GYN or midwife as they provide specialized and important care. She offers in home postpartum visits and in home newborn care.

Fracture Management and Long Term Wound Care

We feel that this is best done by the experts, and we will help coordinate with the proper specialists.

Medical Services Outside Our Office

Our membership is not health insurance, and so any care received outside our office (for example, at a specialist, surgeon, hospital, ER, etc) is not included in membership.

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